Videos of the WWF Conference II


World War III and Smashing the Armor of Immunity of the State and the Dominant-Male

What can be done on the women’s revolutionary front in this age of wars, occupations, ecological crises and pandemics?  e dominant system continues its war of patriarchy against women and women’s resistance, while developing new methods and policies to conceal and distract from the main contradictions of our time.


Becoming—The Desired Life Will Come Not through Miracles but through Revolution

How can we strengthen our struggle to stop the multi-faceted attacks against women by the patriarchal system? The key to determining the character of our time is the ideological and intellectual struggle to be waged against the historical colonisation of women.


Our Vision: Building Free Life

1. How to Live, What to Do and Where to Start

What do we mean by freeing men from the grip of patriarchy? What do we mean by liberating forms of power-based relations on the basis of gender and defining women and men by transcending gender? What are the building blocks of a philosophy of life that will change and transform social relations?


Finding our way

Jin, Jîyan, Azadî:Why a Supranational Women’s Organisation? What Is the Proposal for Women’s World Democratic Confederalism?

How can all women’s struggles unite to prioritise our main goal: the destruction of the multi-faceted attacks of the patriarchy? How can all struggles for women’s liberation establish a women’s confederalism that is based on pluralism, against internal domination? In this session, we deepen our joint goal of women’s world democratic confederalism. Here, everyone can bring their suggestions in relation to the document presented by the Kurdish women’s freedom movement.