Our Revolution: Liberating Life

To all women, dear friends,


The past few years have once again shown us the importance of resistance and struggle against the
systems that impose exploitation, misery, and death on us. As we have seen during the Covid-19
pandemic, with the help of the state, the patriarchal and capitalist system deepens its methods to
deprive women, peoples, workers, farmers, and laborers of their right to live. Today, everywhere, we
are confronted with war, occupation, violence, with feminicide, genocide, and ecocide.
Although capitalist patriarchy claims that ‘there is no alternative’ to this world of exploitation and
injustice, this system is losing its legitimacy. To overcome its latest crisis, the system continuously reemploys
its fundamental pillars of fascism, nationalism, religionism, scientism, sexism, and feudalism,
which leads to a state of war against society, women, and environment. Yet, we, those who struggle,
know there are millions of us in every corner of the world, determined to build a diff erent, more just
We know there are paths beyond the ones that are presented to us as alternatives. As the revolution in
Rojava/North and East Syria has shown us for the past decade - it is possible to struggle and build a
diff erent political and societal system, based on women’s autonomy in all spheres of life. The struggles
of our sisters from places like Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, the Philippines, Brazil, and the US show us
that this century has the potential of being the century of women’s and peoples’ freedom. It can be the
era of carrying our struggles from the local to the universal.
Now it is time to weave our future together through common struggle!


Dear Friends,

Since our fi rst conference in 2018, we have been weaving the future to create World Democratic
Women’s Confederalism. Our claim is big, but wherever we touched base, we have seen that this
claim can become reality. We have also seen that we can master a long road only through continuous
organization. We must continue to share experiences and prepare for the patriarchal system’s new
attacks on our body’s, freedoms, and minds. We must create paths, methods and perspectives
that can match the conditions, qualities and needs of our age. Against the constant attacks of the
patriarchal system, we must weave a durable network of resistance and become active subjects of the
most urgent struggles of our age.
At our second conference, we want to pave the way for this road. From the content to the agenda,
from the technicalities to the participants, we wanted to see all of the preparations for our second
conference to happen in the spirit of women’s collectivism and solidarity.
In this spirit, we look forward to seeing you at our network’s second international conference: “Our
Revolution: Liberating Life”.